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Case Studies

South House Public Relations is made up of a team of senior level staff committed to each and every client. We are here to make things easier for you while ramping up more coverage on your business. We provide ideas, agendas and deadlines to make the most of all newsworthy features. We help organize photoshoots, events and all aspects of promotion. We can create copy for your business’s newsletters, brainstorm ideas to boost your social media presence and create a press kit with biographies and more.

SHPR has worked with Monkey’s Tail since conception. Since 2019, Monkey’s Tail has continued to make major headlines from a unique bar opening and award winning cocktails to can’t miss events and top place to cheer on the Astros. They were named a CultureMap Tastemaker for their Chango Burger, while getting constant recognition for every local publication for their unique cocktail program. They continue to receive significant press on their seasonal specials, such as Dollar Dogs for Astros games and Cinco de Mayo tequila drinks. South House has also shown light on their significant charitable efforts such as a Thanksgiving meal giveaway and a Covid meal assistance program.

Local Bar Opening & Continued Promotion

Monkey's Tail


After much success with Israeli steakhouse Doris Metropolitan, Sof Hospitality opened Hamsa, a new modern Israeli restaurant in Rice Village. South House garnered major buzz on the announcement,  getting significant press as one of the most anticipated restaurants coming to Houston. SHPR set up various media visits upon opening, secured exclusive coverage, set up photoshoots and interviews with both the owners and the chefs. After much success, Texas Monthly has named Hamsa one of the best restaurants in Texas and they have received national coverage from outlets such as the Local Palate.

Modern Israeli Dining Launch & Continued Promotion



Douglas Elliman worked with South House PR to promote some of the biggest listings in the Houston area. Legendary developer Gerald Hines’s home was the most expensive listing at the time, and we secured them coverage both locally and nationally. Other estates, such as the River Oaks Storybook mansion, were highlighted as well. Press likes this helps the listings reach a wider audience and leads to a sale.

Luxury Listings in a Hot
Houston Real Estate Market

Douglas Elliman


Shaftel Diamonds relocated from the Diamond District to the Tanglewood neighborhood and hired SHPR to announce the new showroom. We worked with the retailers to host a grand opening event, invited the media and told the story of the family business. Danny Shaftel continues to gain press for his knowledge on the industry and beautiful merchandise he crafts for the store. Beyond seasonal gift round ups and highlights on events, Shaftel is often featured for their jewelry in unique ways such as How to Spend Your Lottery Prize, How to Dress for the Met Gala and beyond.

Luxury Retail Store Launch &
Continued Expert Positioning  

Shaftel Diamonds


Small Business Promotion 


Barbie mania took over Hollywood and beyond in the summer of 2023. SHPR saw the worldwide buzz and encouraged their clients to take advantage of it. We highlighted many Barbie pink items from our clients and the press exploded. Two similar concepts, Slowpokes and Citizens of Montrose, received major press attention without competing for the spotlight. Both coffee shops hit news stations, online articles and media interviews for their Barbie specials.

Slowpokes and Citizens



With something as significant as Covid-19 and the pandemic, press opportunities shifted in the public relations world. We continued to work with clients to help drive their business, stay afloat during troubling times and speak with journalists about their experiences. We secured many features both locally and nationally for our clients on covid-related stories.

Public Relations Promotion



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